Selected Works

The following is selection of my books and short texts:


1. CRITIQUE OF AFFIRMATIVE MORALS (Crítica de la Moral Afirmativa). Gedisa, Barcelona, 1996.

2. CINEMA: 100 YEARS OF PHILOSOPHY (AN INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY THROUGH ANALYSIS OF FILMS) (Cine: 100 años de filosofía. Una introducción a la filosofía a través del análisis de películas). Gedisa, Barcelona, 1999.

(This book has Italian version: DA ARISTOTELE A SPIELBERG. CAPIRE LA FILOSOFIA ATTRAVERSO I FILM. Bruno Mondadori, 2000; and Portuguese translation: O CINEMA PENSA. UMA INTRODUÇÃO À FILOSOFIA ATRAVÉS DOS FILMES. Rocco, Rio de Janeiro, 2006).

3. MARGINS OF THE PHILOSOPHIES OF LANGUAGE (Conflicts and approaches between analytical, hermeneutics, phenomenology and meta-critical theories of language). (Margens das filosofias da linguagem. Conflitos e aproximações entre filosofias analíticas, hermenêuticas, fenomenológicas e meta-críticas da linguagem). UnB Publisher, Brasília, 2003 (Reprinted in 2009). 

4. LEXICAL INFERENCES AND INTERPRETATION OF PREDICATE NETWORKS (In collaboration with Olavo Da Silva Filho, Dept. of Physics, UnB). (Inferências lexicais e interpretação de redes de predicados). UnB Publisher, Brasília / FINATEC, 2007.

5. FROM HITCHCOCK TO GREENAWAY THROUGH THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY. (De Hitchcock a Greenaway pela história da filosofia). Nankin Publisher, São Paulo, 2007.

6. JOURNAL OF A PHILOSOPHER IN BRAZIL (Diário de um filósofo no Brasil) (2010).

13. OPEN LOGIC (Lógica Aberta) (Forthcoming).


“Categorems and Logic Validity”. (“Categoremas e validez lógica”). Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofía, Vol.VIII, No.1: 55-64, Buenos Aires, march 1982.

”Cutting Trees and Relations. A Skeptical Reflection on a Theme of Searle” (“Cortando árboles y relaciones. Una reflexión escéptica en torno de un tema de Searle”). Revista Crítica, No.46, Vol.XVII, Mexico, 1984.

”Evaluative language as metaphysical language”. (“Lenguaje valorativo como lenguaje metafísico”).Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia, Tomo XLIII, Fasc. 1-2, Braga, Portugal, 1987.

”Against the Universal Condemnation of ad hominem arguments” (“Contra la condenación universal de los argumentos ad hominem”). Revista Manuscrito, Vol.XV, No.1: 129-150, Campinas, April 1992.

”How Do Things-in-Themselves With Words (An Austinean reading of Kant)” (“Como fazer coisas-em-si com palavras”). Revista FILÓSOFOS, v.1, n.1, pp. 99-119, Goiania, 1996.

“Children’s philosophy and children’s sexuality: some remarks on Lipman and Freud”. (Originally in English). Thinking. The journal of philosophy for children. Volume 13, Number 3, Montclair State University, 1997.

“The Controversy of Hegel and Schopenhauer concerning relations between Life and Truth” (“A controvérsia de Hegel e Schopenhauer em torno das relações entre Vida e Verdade”). Revista VERITAS, v. 42, no 1, pp. 35-47, Porto Alegre, March, 1997.

“The World as Sense and Reference: Semantics and Metaphysics in Wittgenstein and Schopenhauer” (“O mundo como Sentido e Referência: semântica e metafísica em Wittgenstein e Schopenhauer). In: NAVES Adriano, ARAUJO VALE Oto (Orgs), Filosofia, Lingüística, Informática. Aspectos da Linguagem. Editora UFG, Goiás, 1998.

“About the expression DAS NICHTS NICHTET. An Analytical Reading”(“Acerca da expressão DAS NICHTS NICHTET. Uma leitura analítica”). Revista FILÓSOFOS, vol. 3, n.2, pags. 61-96, Goiania, 1998.

“For a Nietzschean defense of Kant’s Ethics (looking for the moral Superman). A semantic reflection”.(“Para uma defesa nietzscheana da ética de Kant (na procura do super-homem moral”). Cadernos Nietzsche, 6. São Paulo, 1999.

“Words, Worlds, Words” (Originally in English). Pragmatics and Cognition. Volume 9, Number 2, John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam, 2001.

“Is Logic really topically neutral and completely general?”. (“Es realmente la lógica topicamente neutral y completamente general?”). ERGO. Revista de Filosofia. Universidad Veracruzana. Xalapa, México, march 2003.

“Nothing and denial (between Wittgenstein and Sartre)”. (“Nada e negação (entre Wittgenstein e Sartre)”. Revista TEMPO DA CIÊNCIA. Edunioeste, Cascavel, 2003.

“Predicative networks and lexical inferences (An alternative to formal logic in the analysis of natural languages)”. (“Redes predicativas e inferências lexicais. Uma alternativa à lógica formal na análise de linguagens naturais”). Revista Filosofia-Unisinos, maio-agosto 2006.

All these papers matter more as examples of an oscillating thinking between the logical-linguistic analysis and the reflection on the human condition, more than by the subjects and authors that are dealt with. I gathered a collection of some of these articles, in Spanish, which will be published with the name: ESSAYS BETWEEN TWO CENTURIES (ENSAYOS ENTRE DOS SIGLOS), by Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, Argentina, 2010.


I also write two open books (in progress), both in Spanish, which cannot be published because they are in constant development; they can only be compulsorily completed by my death. They are more authorial works, without concessions to academic forms of exposure, which are not of interest to the philosophical market in their current configuration. They are:

A. THE FORM OF THE WORLD. ESSAY ON THE DEATH OF BEING. (Treatise on First Meta-Philosophy).

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