Welcome to the web page of JULIO CABRERA, a philosopher born in Cordoba (Argentine) who lives in Brazil from 1979, thanks to the Argentine policy of intellectuals’ exportation. He received a multiple philosophical formation beyond the analytical/continental divide. This allows him to work in many domains of theoretical inquiry, exploring the interfaces of analysis and existence and the situation of philosophy in Latin America.

His philosophy includes:

1. ETHICS AND EXISTENCE: Human condition, Value and lack of value of human life, moral problems concerning Procreation and Suicide; critique of traditional affirmative morality, the alternative between the possibility of a "Negative ethics" and the impossibility of morality (affirmative or negative); currently searching this topic from 1990 until the present days.

2. PHILOSOPHY OF LOGIC AND LANGUAGE. CINEMA AND PHILOSOPHY: Criticism of formal logic as a tool for philosophical analysis; research on informal and semi-formal logic and construction of “lexical logics”; the language of cinema; connections between Philosophy and Cinema; investigation on concepts, images and “logopathy”; cognitive value of images, affective-sensitive value of concepts; searching this area from 1975 until 2005 (Philosophy of logic) and from 1995 until the present days (philosophy of language, cinema and philosophy).

3. PHILOSOPHY IN LATIN AMERICA He also thinks about the nature of Philosophy and the current situation of Philosophy in Brazil and Latin America. Political searching about European hegemony in teaching and programs of investigation in Latin America; the study of philosophical writings from Latin-American thinkers and its place in curricula of philosophy; mechanisms of exclusion of philosophies; searching this field from 2000 until the present days. 

He is interested in exposing his philosophy in the community through Conferences and Courses (especially Ethics, Cinema and Philosophy and Latin American Philosophy) in an attempt to escape from the ultra-specialization and the abstruse jargon and to open a forum for multiple and diversified philosophical debates.

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