quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2011

Who I am

It had always been difficult to me to work at ease in well-established areas. Ethics was a domain where I developed some of my first insights about (lack of) value of human life, the problematic character of procreation and the plausibility of suicide. Philosophy of logic was a place where heavy criticism against expansionist use of modern Formal Logic from the part of philosophers was put forward. Philosophy of language had been an occasion to challenge traditional Analytical hegemony in this field and to see Hermeneutic, Analytical and Phenomenological theories in open conflict. My thinking on Cinema and Philosophy was an exercise of applied philosophy of language concerning images behaving as concepts, against traditional dichotomies. My present concerns about thinking from Latin America try to place my ethical and logical inquiries into the field of battle of political insurgence against Euro-centrism in Latin-American universities.

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